I love to try new places, and in trying these new places there are winners and there are losers. Sometimes a bill comes and you open it up and you almost feel robbed, when I ate at JoJo I felt like I had just robbed them.

JoJo is the type of restaurant that I love, you walk down a few steps to get into this tiny room with maybe 18 tables and a small bar in the corner and you immediately feel like you just walked into someones house. This restaurant is so small that they move the table so that one of you can get to the bench seat that wraps around the entire restaurant.

JoJo is owned by chef/restauranteur Jean-Georges Vongerichten, owner of many other restaurants around Manhattan and the world. This French-style bistro is almost hidden on the Upper East Side, the sign is small and all that’s out front is a little black bench. The menu varies with the season, I was there in mid-winter and enjoyed a warm asparagus salad and beef tenderloin with fingerling potatoes. The wine list was almost over-whelming, but easily broken down into different varietals and regions. There have been few times when I have eaten at a restaurant and truly felt everything was perfect, but the food and beverage quality mixed with service quality and the atmosphere made this meal perfect.